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Lorry Collecting Skip

Professional skip rental in the UK means you can rely on responsible and lawful disposal, alongside a friendly and professional service.
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When you need to dispose of waste safely and reliably, you need to choose someone you can trust to be punctual, provide a professional service, and take away your waste on time and dispose of it in the best possible way.

Professional Help Means Compliance With Local Authority Regulations

These days, there are tough regulations surrounding waste disposal, and many substances are controlled. This means that you can’t just take them to the local household recycling centre, you need to get expert help. We can provide that service, as we deal with the skip hire regulations every day as part of our business.

When you hire a skip in Doncaster, you can be confident that all necessary regulations will be taken care of, including getting the appropriate permit to place the skip on a public road (where appropriate) and correctly dealing with the rubbish you place in the skip after it has been taken away.

Get A Free Quote For Skip Hire In Doncaster That’s Tailored To Your Needs

To get started, just complete the form on this page, being sure to provide details of the rubbish you will be disposing of. There are certain materials that cannot be accepted in skips, and should not be placed into them, including asbestos, fridge and freezer appliances, large batteries (such as from cars and other vehicles), unused paint, and anything that could pose a risk of explosion, such as pressurised canisters.

Also provide any relevant details when completing the form to let us know if you need the skip bin to be placed in an area where the access is restricted, so that one of our smaller delivery lorries is used.

What Areas Do We Cover Other Than Doncaster?

If you’re within a 50 mile radius of Doncaster city centre, we are likely to be able to help. We have the ability to deliver you a bin from several locations across Yorkshire and Derbyshire, so your delivery won’t necessarily have to come from Doncaster. As a rule of thumb, we can certainly provide a rent a skip service in Sheffield, Wakefield, Barnsley and Rotherham. Typically, beyond that, we serve the area down to Nottingham, and as far north as Leeds.

What Size Skips Do We Provide?

The simple answer is that we can usually provide you with any size to meet your needs. Our most common rentals requested by customers are for 8 tonne skips ranging up to 16 tonne bins. These are suitable for most domestic jobs, including soil and rubble clearance jobs. You will likely need to hire a skip that matches the volume of rubbish you need to dispose of. It’s more likely that any limitations on the size of the unit you rent will be down to access and placement due to the size of the lorry, not the skip. For example if we are unable to fit the truck required to deliver a large skip down your street, or safely position it in the road, you might need a smaller unit which is collected several times. It’s unusual to have issues with a midi skip, which is also good for most household requirements, and even renovation work.

For business use, there’s anything from small units to large builders skips, so there’s plenty of options for both residential and commercial use.

What Will Happen Next With Your Doncaster Skip Hire Application

Once you submit the form, it will be processed and you will get contacted, usually by phone to confirm the details and prices. Where possible, we’ll arrange quotes from several local firms, so that you can choose your preferred skip hire company. With something like hiring skips, price is likely to be a main consideration, which is why we offer the multi quote system to help you get the cheapest cost for your needs. You are, of course, free to accept whichever quote you like.

For more information about our quick quote service for rental and what happens to your waste, have a look around our website.

What Are Common Reasons To Hire A Skip?

We’ve had a huge range of places to deliver skips to over the years, but there are a few reasons that come up over and over again when people need skip hire in Doncaster. We’re not being nosy when we ask for the purpose that the skip will be used, the actual reason is to make sure that you don’t spend more money than necessary. Generally speaking that happens for two reasons.

  • People underestimate the amount of rubbish they need to dispose of and need to hire a second skip.
  • People overestimate the amount of rubbish they have and could hire a smaller bin.

We ask you a few questions on the phone before we deliver to try to establish if you’re massively over or underestimating your waste removal needs. So, let’s get to the point – what are those common needs?

  1. Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms
    Without a doubt, both of these rooms create a lot of waste when you update them. From kitchen cupboards and old bathroom suites (which have a tendency to be beige or olive!), to the plaster and tiles that come off the walls as they’re removed, most people opt for hiring skips in Doncaster to quickly and easily remove the waste rather than trying cart it all off to the tip.
  2. Big gardening projects
    Every so often, you have to deal with that huge overgrown hedge, fell a tree or otherwise hack away at a garden that’s in need of attention. If you stay on top of things, you can take the car to the local household waste recycling centre, but sometimes there’s just too much to get rid of!
  3. Clearing out a house
    Whether its the passing of a loved one, you’re moving home or just need to clear out a load of old junk, the third most common need for a skip is general clear outs. Some people opt for specialist house clearance services, but they’re often selective, so you might find you still have a lot to get rid of, especially if you use one of the cheaper firms. That’s why just getting a skip from the start is sometimes the preferred option!

Those three tasks make up well over 90% of the reasons people use our Doncaster skip hire service in the average month. It varies at different times throughout the year because of the weather – as you can imagine gardening related waste is more common during the summer months. Whatever you need, though, you can get a quick quote to hire in Doncaster and around the county using the form on this page, and make sure to use the notes section to give our team an idea of what you need. When we call you back we’ll clarify the details if needed.